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Fattoria San Donato

A young and modern spirit respectful of an ancient tradition

San Donato, veduta agriturismo
San Donalo, la vigna

Fattoria San Donato is first of all a farm which produces high-quality wines, extra-virgin olive oil and saffron.

All the production process is carefully controlled from the fields to the bottles, since we believe that this is the only way to obtain a high-quality, reliable product, the sincere expression of our land and of our work.

We try to balance between the respect for nature, the century-old tradition of this land and of its products, the competence and the agronomic and oenologic experience and modern technologies. Owning a vineyard in San Gimignano is something to be proud of: we have inherited an ancient vine-growing and wine-making tradition, a territory which is ideal for this kind of culture and some typical local vines, such as Vernaccia and Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino, which give great wines.
But we also have a great responsibility: we must be equal to our fame, trying to do our best in the vineyards and in the wineries, acting with care and respect for our land, taking advantage of modern technologies.

San Donato, la vigna
Nature has been generous with San Donato, where we can enjoy a particularly good microclimate: 400 metres above sea level and agentle wind coming from the sea make the climate dry and sunny, with no mist or backwater; the soil (a mixture of clay and Pliocene sands) is ideal for vine-growing.
We are aware that great wines can only be produced from great grapes: we use typical local vines only, and we put a lot of effort into the care of the vineyards to obtain the best quality, even with low yield.
San Donalo, la vigna

Our staff, from the farmers to the agronomist, all have our same goal: bringing high-quality grapes to the winery. If you come and visit us during the harvesting period, you will have the possibility of taking part in this magic moment and taste our grapes. In the winery we do all our best to make an excellent wine from the grapes we have picked. Thanks to the latest technologies (pneumatic presses, cooling equipment, etc. a careful but moderate use of the best French barriques) and to the experienced suggestions and passion of our oenologist, Paolo Salvi, and to the younger, but skilled Andrea Lo Presti, we obtain very elegant wines which are the expression of our land and of our work.

Between tradition and innovation always in close relation with our land

San Donato, vendemmiaSan Donato, uva della Fattoria San Donato, strettoio Fattoria San Donato, barrique Fattoria San Donato, la vendemmia
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